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Two Plans to Fit Your Needs

  • Quickbase Admin

    Every month
    Perfect for Self-Sufficient Citizen Developers
    • Initial Health Check to review your Quickbase apps
    • Monthly Health Checks with Major Stakeholders
    • Plans for Improvement based on Health Checks
    • Best Practices Training
    • Monthly Review with Lead Developer
    • Slack access for Lead Developer
    • Discounted Development Cost of $135/hr
  • Advanced Support

    Every month
    Perfect for Organizations that Need In-Depth Support
    • Initial Health Check to Review your Quickbase Apps
    • Monthly Health Checks with Major Stakeholders
    • Personal Central Support Application
    • Ability to Submit/Approve RFQs for App Updates
    • Single Point of Contact for Troubleshooting
    • Discounted Development cost of $135/hr
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